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Age of War 3


The new version of Age of War is now present on Online Hacked Games, which is why we invite you to try it. What you need to know is that this time you will have to work further with the strategy we are sure that you are used to so that you win every mission that we give you the new strategy game.

Mutant Insects are everywhere now, which is why you should beware the giant cockroaches, spiders venomous, but what a great thing this time is that you were accustomed grotto turned into a kind of living house that manages to give birth to fighters that you use them on the battlefield of war. Your goal is to survive and destroy the alien invasion as fast as you can. The best way to collect money is ith Gatherers. Gatherers collect water and transform it into money.
How can you win this war?

Select your base by clicking on it, then press the tier 1 button. At the beginning of the game, your water reserves are $90 and you can build nine Gatherers which can attack ground only. One Gatherer needs 3 seconds to be created and 30 points from your health. Once you have a building, units will come out of it over time. Note that your gatherers have 3 water spots they can go to. Water sports that are further away will get you more income. Now that you have an income, it would be a good idea to build something to defend yourself. Let’s create a turret by selecting your base with your mouse.

The offensive is really important in this game because offensive units will create a barrier against aliens and will destroy their base later in the game (assuming you survive). the next step you have to do is to create your first Infantry tent.