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How to get Starfield


One of the most anticipated games of the year, Bethesda’s Starfield, releases next week – but people who have paid for the premium edition can get their hands on it now.

The space RPG was announced way back in 2018 at E3, and is the first new intellectual property developed by Bethesda in almost three decades.

Exclusively for Xbox Series X|S and PC, Starfield is an open world adventure set within the Milky Way. Players are able to land on more than 1,000 planets and explore many more moons and space stations, gaining skills and crew members as they go.

What are the reviews saying?

As of Friday morning Starfield has an average critic score of 88/100 on Metacritic.

GamesRadar+ gave the game a score of 100, saying: “Starfield is an expansive and beautifully crafted open world experience full of endless discovery and opportunities.”

Forbes gave it a 95, with the reviewer writing: “I really do love this game. Yes, Bethesda doesn’t match some of its peers in many places, but in part that’s because it’s trying to do everything, all at once. But if you wanted a giant Bethesda RPG set in space with better combat and a whole lot of time to level and build things and explore and find secrets, yeah, this is it. They did it. Enjoy.”

The game got an 80 from VG247, who said: “Starfield is not greater than the sum of its parts. If you add all its misshapen, under-developed pieces together, you get kind of a ramshackle kitbash, with a few extra bits left over. Some of those pieces are cleverly crafted and engaging, representing a developer at the peak of its power, though they often get lost in Starfield’s sprawling scope. What remains is often enjoyable, but often frustrating. There’s no denying this cosmic behemoth is special, but with a more focused vision, and some extra narrative daring, Starfield could’ve been something truly incredible.”

IGN scored it 70, saying: “Starfield has a lot of forces working against it, but eventually the allure of its expansive roleplaying quests and respectable combat make its gravitational pull difficult to resist.”