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Solarmax Game Online Hacked


Solarmax is a fast-paced strategy game where you need to colonise other planets faster than others. You need to think aggressively yet logically try to evaluate enemy strength.
First 4 levels are tutorial-like.
Sometimes it’s much better just to block enemy colonisation than to proceed with your own colonisation. Once the planet is colonised it will have blue number, if the number is red it means the enemy has colonised it.


Click on a planet to select the fleet orbiting it, then click on another planet to move, attack, or colonise. Hold down your mouse over multiple planets to combine fleets. Play mission 1 – 4 for a more in-depth tutorial.

Shortcut Keys:
Mouse – All Fleet Actions
Q / R / P – Pause Game
Spacebar – Deselect Planets

While Paused:
Q – Back to Main Menu
R – Restart Mission
P / Spacebar – Resume Game