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Stick Squad


Stick Squad is an action-packed online game that places players in the shoes of a skilled sniper, embarking on high-stakes missions to eliminate targets with precision and finesse. This game is renowned for its captivating storyline, challenging missions, and sharpshooting gameplay.

In Stick Squad, you become a member of an elite sniper team, tasked with eliminating various high-profile targets around the world. The game’s missions are diverse and present a range of challenges, from taking out dangerous criminals to thwarting terrorist plots. Each mission has unique objectives that require careful planning and execution. After you joined the Stick Squad you got to go on lots of missions with your trustworthy rifle. Read your assignment objectives carefully and try to snipe your targets before enemy stickmen can gun you down. This game is highly addictive as you can earn money and buy more powerful weapons to knock out your targets.

Each mission you get another objective and it is critical for you to read the assignment carefully, so to shoot at the right person. Who is overseeing the situation and should be eliminated first? Make sure to reprieve the innocent and only aim on the evil ones. Whether you’re a fan of sniper games or simply enjoy thrilling action-packed gameplay, Stick Squad on offers a captivating experience. Join the ranks of the elite snipers and test your marksmanship in this online game. Dive into the world of espionage, complete challenging missions, and eliminate high-profile targets with precision and skill. Whats are you waiting for? Much fun with Stick Squad, online and free on!

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot, R = Reload